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Whether you need editing, audio or animation revisions, our post-production team is there for you. We can make changes to your video even if it was created years ago or if it was shot yesterday. Let us help you and your organization look great. 

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2D/3D Animation

Whether you’re looking for 2D or 3D animation, our experienced animators can create the right content for your brand. With over two decades of expertise in a wide array of animation services, CG Studios helps you communicate and engage with your audience quickly and efficiently to drive ROI.

Interactive 3D Animation

With Interactive 3D Animation, what we call- CG Reality, we build animations that put your customers in control. With the CGR experience, your customers can rotate, turn things on and off, and view every possible angle or ability long before they ever really touch it.

Architectural Design/Renderings

We know designs and renderings of buildings can be stale. We rip the stale out and bring life to your designs. Our renders can show people walking around, cars moving, even turn the lights on/off, and much more.

Compositing/Visual Effects (VFX)

Want to show someone in Rome when they haven’t left their living room? We can help. Whether it’s a green screen or special effects, we have you covered. Whether you want to add to an existing video or have your product float in the sky, our skilled team can make your video standout.

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The Working Process

The Plan

Step 01

First we plan, discuss your goals and ideas, making sure we understand your vision and needs.

The Work

Step 02

Then we do our magic! Our creative team works with you until your vision becomes reality.

The Final

Step 03

We have the experience to meet whatever your video and animation needs may be. We review and edit until you say it's perfect!

How We Work

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2D/3D Animation
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Architectural Design/Renderings
Compositing / Visual Effects (VFX)
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